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The Cale Group – a part of Mellby Gård

Mellby Gård AB was founded in 1986 by Rune Andersson and was involved with agricultural and equine activities at that time. The company has since grown to become an international industrial group comprising around a dozen trading and industrial companies. The group is also engaged in financial activities, and the entire group, including its shares in associated companies, has a turnover in excess of SEK 9 billion.

The group is characterised by good profitability and low levels of borrowing. Most of the portfolio companies that are part of the Mellby Gård Group are established businesses in mature industries, which gives them a high degree of stability. The companies have built up strong market positions and have a great deal of expertise within their respective areas of business.

The company management teams are made up of experienced and skilled employees, and the members of the companies’ Boards of Directors also possess a great deal of knowledge about their respective industries, which guarantees stability and long-term profitable growth in the companies.

The vision for the future is that the group will consist of a number of larger business units that are built up through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions.

The Mellby Gård companies represent a broad spectrum of businesses, ranging from fashionable ladieswear, spectacles and agricultural machinery to more technologically advanced products such as Cale’s payment systems and, for example, modular sealing systems for cable and pipe penetrations for ships, oil and gas facilities, etc. 

Mellby Gård’s website: www.mellby-gaard.se