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General Cale information
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Our quality and environmental policy

Customer satisfaction

The way customers perceive the quality of our products and services is important to Cale. We want our customers to be satisfied with the quality of our products and services, the way our solutions work, both individually and together, and that they perceive us as a leader in the market in which we operate. Moreover, we want our customers to be confident that we provide the most modern, innovative solutions the market has to offer, that we keep our promises, and that they can have faith in the expertise that we possess in our business sector.

Employee satisfaction

We care about the way each employee perceives the quality and innovation that Cale provides. We strive to be satisfied with the quality of what we produce and deliver. We also aim to ensure that there is sufficient openness and scope for creativity and skills development, in order to improve the quality of what we produce, and to foster the innovation of Cale's products and services.

Review and constant improvement

We constantly strive to improve quality and utilise resources more efficiently in our work, in order to deliver the right solution, at the right time, to the right recipient. We actively review the way our customers, employees and partners perceive us and the quality that we provide, and, where necessary, establish and modify quality objectives related to these. In cases where we fail to meet our quality objectives, we identify the reasons for this and prioritise corrective measures.

Proactivity and quality assurance

In order to avoid the occurrence of defects in quality, we work in a systematic way to identify potential risks, minimise the likelihood of their occurrence, and ensure that there is no impact on the quality that we provide. We always ensure that we understand the wishes of our customers, employees and partners, and that what we deliver corresponds with these wishes.

In order to meet the future expectations of our customers and partners, and to maintain the quality that we provide, we regularly seek to acquire both practical and theoretical expertise in relation to market trends and associated technological fields.

In order to demonstrate satisfactory quality management, we strive to work systematically with quality issues in line with the latest edition of ISO 9001.

Cale Group's environmental policy

Cale constantly strives to minimise environmental impact and comply with the latest environmental legislation, as well as other requirements and regulations, which apply in our business sector and the markets in which we operate.

Our products and services

Our terminals and hardware are continuously developed with the aim of having a minimal impact on health and the environment during manufacture, use and recycling. We aim to ensure that our products have minimal content of, and dependence on substances that may be hazardous to health and the environment, in relation to extraction, processing, use and recycling.

Our operations

We observe sufficient long-term planning in relation to our need for supplies and transportation, in order to be able to choose appropriate modes of transport with minimal environmental impact.

For those services that cannot be performed remotely, we have sufficient knowledge and expertise to perform them locally. We never use more consumable materials than necessary and constantly strive to find new ways of replacing these with digital solutions.

Compliance with laws and regulations

We regularly seek knowledge in relation to both new and updated rules and regulations that apply to our areas of operation, as well as environmental trends related to our business sector. Moreover, we review compliance with current laws and requirements on a regular business. In order to demonstrate satisfactory environmental management, we strive to work systematically with environmental issues in line with the latest edition of ISO14001.
Anton Kaya
MD and Group President
Cale Access AB
Jakob Forswall
Quality Manager
Cale Access AB