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Anton Kaya, new President and CEO of Cale Access AB

Anton Kaya, currently vice president and responsible for technology and product development within Cale Access AB, will take over as CEO.


Anton Kaya has been appointed new President and CEO of Cale Access AB. Anton has a long experience from both Cale and the parking industry. Anton´s previous positions, before joining Cale in 2001, was at Ericsson Radio Systems and later on at Flextronics International where he worked with technical business development. From these companies, Anton has gained experience in technical sales and production logistics while given the opportunity to develop his technical skills. During the years Anton has worked at Cale, he has held senior positions in projects, product management and product and system development.

"Anton has extensive knowledge of both the Industry and Cale’s operations. He has great technical skills and has demonstrated his commercial capabilities in conjunction with several major business projects that Cale has secured in recent years. Therefore, we believe Anton will be an excellent CEO of Cale says Cale Chairman Anders Bülow."

"Cale has a strong global position as one of the biggest suppliers in the market for products and systems in On-street parking. The company has been active in this market since the mid 50's and has a solid foundation and a strong offering in the form of parking terminals and systems, related services and financing solutions. Cale is well positioned for continued strong growth, says Anton Kaya, incoming President and CEO of Cale Access AB."

During Henrik Mella's leadership over the past four years the company has modernized and consolidated its product portfolio and also brought the group new technology platforms in areas such as parking enforcement. Furthermore, the company’s geographical footprint has grown, e.g. through the acquisition of the Cale distributor in the United States and the establishment of a subsidiary in Spain.