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Get ready to pay for parking with Apple Pay

Colchester is the first town in UK able to pay for parking with Apple Pay and contactless credit/debit card payments. Consumers can now use convenient payment choices using their mobile devices or Apple watch and know that their transactions are fully secure.

The contactless reader will allow Apple Pay users to pay for parking with their iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or Apple Watch. Cale, global leader in unattended payment technology, is offering secure contactless card readers that accept Apple Pay for its Cale WebTerminal pay stations (CWT).

Trevor Degville of Colchester Borough Council said: We are extremely pleased with this solution. Public popularity with the service is growing and the contactless payments are quick and easy to use.

Society is becoming increasingly digitized, and also car drivers get used to being able to benefit from the advantages of new technology increasing demands of our customers.

-Customers are demanding simpler payment solutions, and Apply Pay has been developed to meet these high requirements. This is a natural progression based on our dedication to offer innovative and secure means for payment making parking easier. The transaction time from start to finish is now simple and as fast as coins, says Christopher Octon, CEO, Cale UK.

The new Apple Pay-enabled readers are a game-changer for the parking and transit payment industries. With increased popularity of mobile wallets like Apple Pay, consumers can now drive preferred and convenient payment choices using their mobile devices and know that their transactions are fully secure.


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