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Meet Cale at five different locations in April 2015

In April, Cale will be present at five different exhibitions, showing how efficient you will be and how you will save money, going digital with Parking by Cale.

In April, you are welcome to come and meet Cale at the following five events:

We will introduce you to our latest products and services, and especially Parking by Cale, which is our completely digital parking solution. 

Thanks to Parking by Cale, the integration of not only Terminals and Back-office is possible, but also of the new services Enforcement (Argus), Digital Permits (Cale Permit) and a Mobile app (WayToPark). Administrating all these components in one and the same systems has many advantages, for example:

  • Full control and overview
  • Increased efficiency and revenues
  • Reduced costs.

Our knowledgeable staff will be available to discuss customer needs and demonstrate how to fulfill these using solutions from Cale and partners.

We hope to see you there!