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Pay for charging of electric vehicles at your next visit to a parking terminal

A joint venture between Cale Group, one of the world’s leading providers of parking solutions and ChargeStorm, one of Sweden’s leading suppliers of smart charging poles for electrical vehicles, will provide customers with a simple solution for EV charging at car parks.

The number of environmentally conscious consumers are increasing and therefore resulting in an increase of electrical vehicle sales. It is anticipated that in 2016, a number of major cities are expected to double the number of electrical charging post available, in order to cater for the increase of demand. Many of today’s public charging stations can be found in car parks. In order to meet the increasing demands for charging electrical vehicle, Cale are offering the possibility of charging for both EV charging and the parking fees, at the same time. In Sweden alone, 8 out of 10 parking customers pay for their parking using Cale terminals.

”The co-operation with ChargeStorm is completely lined up with our future strategy to offer solutions helping cities being sustainable, connected and simply smarter. An obvious goal in our co-operation is that the customer shan’t have to undertake any extra installation in form of cable pulling or similar between the parking terminal and the charging pole; instead the integration will take place in the ”cloud”, - says Anton Kaya, MD and CEO of the Cale Group.

At the exhibition Intertraffic in Amsterdam, 5-8 of April, Cale will present a completely integrated pay solution for EV charging between Cale terminals and ChargeStorm’s charging poles. Cale will be presenting their completely integrated payment solution for EV Charging, in partnership with ChargeStorm’s charging post, at Intertraffic in Amsterdam, 5-8 of April.

”It has been a true pleasure to develop the pay solution together with the competent engineers at Cale. We look forward to taking the market by storm”, says Patrik Lindergren, MD of ChargeStorm.

About us:

ChargeStorm is today a leading company in Sweden within charging infrastructure of electric vehicles. ChargeStorm deliver complete sulutions including charging poles, operation, surveillance software and various payment solutions.

Cale offers innovative and efficient parking solutions. From the start in 1955, Cale has developed into a world leading brand within the parking business, with a turnover close to half a billion SEK. Cale has subsidiaries, distributors and customers all around the world.

Cale specialises in customising technology, may it be for parking terminals, mobile payment solutions, transaction handling or centralised software systems, and converts this into functionality, always with the highest possible focus on the parking operator as well as the driver.

Today, we offer a complete concept, Parking by Cale, including terminals, backoffice, enforcement, mobile payments as well as digital permit handling.

For more information, please contact:

Patrik Lindergren, MD, ChargeStorm
+46 70 461 25 78

Anton Kaya, MD and CEO, Cale Group
+46 8 799 37 12