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General Cale information
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The Cale-van has arrived!

Cale will soon be travelling around Europe presenting "Cale Digital Concept" to our customers.

Cale Access has ordered a new van, which will be used when going on Roadshows in Sweden and throughout Europe. In the van, two CWT terminals together with a lot of other exciting equipment, are mounted, which will be used for giving product presentations. 

"Cale Digital Concept", which is shown on the picture of the van, is an integration of the following: terminals, back-office, enforcement, permit handling as well as Cale's new mobile app WayToPark (logo on the back of the car). This concept gives a good overview and control of your complete parking operation.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you want a visit, in order for us not to miss you when being in your neighbourhood!