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Cale Enforcement

Increase revenues and your efficiency with a completely digital enforcement solution.

Even more efficient with Cale Enforcement

Cale Enforcement enables you to maximise the efficiency of your enforcement. It provides fast scanning of license plates, a quick response from the back-office system as to whether a vehicle is validly parked, and a user-friendly interface to work in and extract information from. All data is instantly stored in the back-office system, enabling the help desk to deal with any complaints in real time.

The registration number is the key

When parking, the car park user enters his registration number. This is the key for the parking. The enforcement officer uses Cale Enforcement to scan the license plate with ease, an enquiry is sent to Cale’s back-office system and an immediate response is sent back informing the officer whether the parking user is validly parked. Cale Enforcement connects to all the suppliers that the operator has connected to its operation. Cale Enforcement also has access to external databases such as the national vehicle registry, for vehicle information, and to services to ascertain whether a vehicle is stolen and should therefore not be fined.

Everyone benefits from a more efficient enforcement

o More ground covered
o Increased revenue on both payments and fines
o More time to serve customers/residents and handle more customers
o Take on new concessions
o Fewer incorrectly issued fines, resulting in fewer complaints
The parking enforcement officer
o Less time spent at each car
o Less manual work
o Clearer information as to whether a fine should be issued
o System support for every case created (fine)
The parking user
o Assurance that an issued fine is correct
o Better flow of traffic and increased possibility of finding an empty parking space

Support for all modern mobile platforms available

Cale Enforcement is designed to support all modern mobile platforms, in other words you can use a professional device such as Motorola or Honeywell, for example running Android, or a consumer product such as Samsung Galaxy or iPhone. Simply choose whichever best suits your needs!

Higher efficiency with a complete digital solution

Combine Cale Enforcement with other components of your parking operation, for example Cale WebOffice, as well as various third-party data sources. Combining statistics from your whole operation into one management system will increase your efficiency further. Read more about digital parking by Cale here.