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Cale Permit

Smart handling of digital parking permits.

Cale Permit

Efficient tool for handling your digital permits

Cale Permit is a flexible web service that helps you handle all sorts of parking permits in a way that is both efficient and that saves you time.

Cale Permit offers three different licence types (basic, premium and professional) and various packages of functionality are available depending on which licence you choose. You can always upgrade later, if the need arises.

Issuing of permits is fast and flexible

When issuing permits, the system automatically validates and informs you whether or not the person is entitled to a permit.

Cale Permit allows you to define different parking areas and set the rules for these, for example which tariffs apply when and where. You can also specify restrictions on the use of the permits, for example if you are only allowed to park for two hours a day.

The permits are fully traceable and every change and the time that it occured can be followed in Cale Permit.

Multiple uses

Cale Permit can be used for residential parking, commercial parking, personnel parking and guest parking. The Cale Permit interface can be customised, for example to best suit a hotel reception.

It is up to you whether you wish to charge for the permits (for example outside a hotel) or distribute them to your customers free of charge as an extra service.

Advantages of using Cale Permit

  • Time savings and less administration with automated permit handling
  • Immediate availability of permits for enforcement
  • No need to handle physical permits
  • Full traceability
  • Possibility for the customer to purchase permits online
  • Possibility for the customer to change vehicle and/or cards via a mobile service
  • Copied/fake permits eliminated

Integrate to become even more efficient

Great synergy benefits are achieved when you combine the use of Cale Permit with other parts of Cale’s digital parking offering and integrate them all into the one management system.

Being able to see every event regarding your payment terminals and mobile transactions, and to obtain an overview of your enforcement operation online and in real time increases your efficiency tremendously. 

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