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A little smarter way to pay for your parking. 

WayToPark (mobile app)

WayToPark offers a smarter way of paying for parking

Developments within parking today are moving towards fully digital systems for payment and enforcement. Cale offers complete solutions that make things easier both for the customer and for the parking operator. One natural component in any comprehensive parking solution is the ability to offer customers the WayToPark mobile app.

Simple, quick and reliable for the user

The user can stay in his car and pay conveniently, directly from his mobile phone. He does not need to walk around searching for a parking terminal, wait for his turn or walk back to his car and place a ticket inside the windscreen. He will receive a reminder when the parking time is coming to an end, and can easily extend the time if necessary. He can also terminate his parking whenever he wishes and simply pay for his actual parking time. The money is taken securely from his account card.

Other advantages for the customer

- Several different cards and vehicles can be registered
- Effective search functions

The app is quick and easy to obtain

The app is easy to download from AppStore or Google Play by searching for WayToPark or by scanning a QR code. The app can also be used a few times without having to register.

WayToPark means effective support for the operator

WayToPark is a great complement to the terminal and offers the user an alternative form of payment. Best of all, WayToPark comes into its own if it is integrated with other solutions from Cale such as back-office, payment terminals, enforcement and permit handling. An integrated solution gives you an overall picture of all payment transactions, and the costs for operation and maintenance are reduced. All analyses and reports provide comprehensive information, regardless of the payment channel.

WayToPark launch in full swing

The WayToPark app has been developed together with users in Halmstad and in Tönsberg in Norway.

The app has already been launched at a number of locations in Sweden, and there are more to follow.

Please contact us if you are interested in introducing the app in your town or city.