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Cale WebOffice

Excellent overview over all your terminals with Cale's backoffice system.

Cale WebOffice

Effective management tool

Cale WebOffice (CWO) is a web-based SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for managing Cale payment terminals. It allows you to monitor, program and control Cale terminals from your PC using a web browser, making it quick and easy to transfer information via the Internet. As the application is web-based, no additional or special software needs to be purchased or installed.

Cale WebOffice provides you with the ability to maximise your operational efficiency, thereby minimising your costs.

Increases operational reliability

Let Cale WebOffice handle all communication to and from your terminals automatically. Up-to-date information from the Cale terminals is available when you access the system. Receive automatic notifications every time a terminal reaches a critical state. Cale WebOffice can forward alerts by e-mail or text message to any user.

This function is designed to minimise downtimes and maximise the availability of the terminals, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and revenue. This automatic notification also makes it easy to detect fault patterns and to plan maintenance of the terminals, thereby lowering your operating costs.

Manage your figures

Explore important and useful statistical data regarding your operation. With Cale WebOffice, it is easy to get the information you need regarding ticket sales, revenue, balances, and much more. The information can easily be presented as graphs, making it easy for you to compare, analyse and present statistics in a number of ways.

Security is the key

Cale’s IT specialists continuously monitor Cale WebOffice and its backup systems. The high level of security, including data encryption, comprehensive backup routines and login procedures, enables you to completely focus on your operation.

Contact your Cale representative to find out more about the advantages of using Cale WebOffice.