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To meet future requirements for secure card payments, Cale has worked with leading card-reader manufactures to develop full EMV level 1 solutions for Cale terminals.

Secure payment flow

All credit card numbers are encrypted when the card is inserted into the reader. If the terminal is equipped with PIN, a PIN code can be requested by the customer, depending on the value of the transaction.

The reader communicates directly with the processor, which forwards the message to the relevant acquirer. The acquirer authorises the transaction and responds by indicating whether the transaction is approved or not. The transactions never leave this protected environment, thereby minimising the risk of fraud.

Detailed information about each purchase is sent to Cale WebOffice for statistical purposes. This information does not contain any sensitive card data.
Cale’s PIN-entry device shroud complies with the most stringent requirements, meaning that the user’s PIN is as protected as possible.

Solution adapted to suit different markets

Different markets require different solutions. Cale has therefore adapted the solution to suit individual markets. This means that both Chip & PIN and chip-only solutions are available.
What is EMV?
EMV is a standard for more secure interoperability between credit and debit cards, and payment terminals. The standard is entirely based on microprocessor technology, which is much more secure than magnetic-stripe technology.

The acronym EMV comes from Europay, MasterCard and VISA - the three companies that originally co-operated to develop the standard.

The EMV standard defines the interaction between the devices that process payment cards for financial transactions at four levels: physical, electrical, data and application level.
Contact your local Cale representative to find out more about which EMV solutions are available for your market.
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