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Improve your operation with secure and user-friendly solutions from Cale.

Secure cash handling

Security is one of the key aspects for Cale when developing products and services. Based on years of experience, and working in close co-operation with operators, Cale has developed a closed cash-collection system that meets every possible requirement in terms of efficiency and maximum security when collecting cash from Cale terminals.

Closed collection process

The Cale cash-collection system is designed to ensure that the coins are protected all the way from the terminal to the bank or the operator’s office. Operators can be confident that all the coins that were inserted into the coin box will end up in their bank accounts.

Backward compatibility

The flexibility and backward compatibility of the system means that it can be used for the entire range of Cale products, from the early mechanical parking meter, the Cale 77, to newer models such as the MP 104 or the new Cale WebTerminal series of terminals.