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Third-party integration

One of the core values of Cale is openness. This is demonstrated in an open and positive attitude towards others, both internally and externally. Cale always strives to have an open approach towards collaboration and integration with external parties.

Enforcement and management integration

Cale has collaborated with other companies on numerous occasions to deliver new functionality, be it card acceptance in a new market or integration with enforcement systems for the efficient management of our customers’ operations. The main elements of Cale’s systems are built using standardised components and with an open architecture, allowing other companies to build onto the existing structure by adding new components for increased customer value.

Improve your business with Cale

We are always open for new ideas on how to combine our products and services in new and innovative ways. If you have an idea on how your business could improve, please contact your local Cale representative. We look forward to hearing about your ideas!