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Parking by Cale

A history of solutions for efficiency

Cale has a reputation for being a world leader in unattended payment solutions. When the back-office system, Cale WebOffice 2, was introduced onto the market a number of years ago, the ease with which payment terminals could be monitored and controlled online increased dramatically. The connection between Cale WebTerminal (CWT) and Cale WebOffice (CWO) opened up completely new possibilities for the terminals to communicate with Cale WebOffice, resulting in a much simpler and more efficient operation.
Smart City Parking

Increased need for digitalisation

As the world becomes increasingly digitalised and car park users become more and more used to using this new technology to their advantage, demands have risen from customers to be able to further integrate more parts of their operation.

Cale has therefore added new products and services to its product portfolio. These are enforcement, digital permit handling and a mobile app. The new services make it possible to give customers what they have been asking for, namely a way of collecting all the information regarding payments they have received for parking in the one system.

Never-before-seen integration possibilities

The meaning of digital parking is in fact the integration of different parts of your parking operation: terminals (CWT), back-office system (CWO), enforcement (Cale Enforcement), digital permit handling (Cale Permit) and Cale’s mobile app WayToPark, which was launched in January 2014. You add as many or as few of these parts to your parking operation as you wish. We dare say, however, that the more you integrate, the more efficient you will become.

Openness is one of Cale’s values, so we have made sure that various third-party systems can be integrated too.

One complete overview

The great advantage of this integration is that you get a complete overview of all payments from different sources and your entire operation in the one system.