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Success Stories
A few examples of how Cale products and services have created high-value solutions.

Car wash around the clock

In the City of Västerås, Sweden, the car wash company, SpaceWash, needed a system for the payment and control of their automatic washing hall containing five wash booths where the motorists themselves spray water and other liquids using a hose.

Completely unattended purchase of various wash programs

The motorist drives into an unoccupied wash booth, walks up to a pay terminal, keys in the booth number and an amount according to the desired washing time, and then pays the appropriate fee using a card, bank notes or coins – without any cashier intervention.

A control panel in the selected wash booth becomes active during the paid period and allows the motorist to select a washing program (degreasing, high-pressure wash with detergent, rinsing, water removal liquid and hot wax). Several programs can be used within the paid period. The washing period can be extended at any time by entering the booth number and paying the additional fee.

Cale considered the best choice

After searching the market for a well-proven, secure and inexpensive system, the SpaceWash company eventually found that Cale provided the best solution.

The prime reason for choosing a Cale product was that it is an established product and that the only customisation required was a minor change in the terminal’s program.

Flexible card system

The SpaceWash company issues its own pay cards that can be used in the Cale terminal, but other types of cards can be used as well, thanks to the flexibility of the Cale system.

Convenient washing whenever you want

Fredrik Vetander at SpaceWash explains: “The motorists can now immediately access the selected wash booth when they pay at the terminal. They control the washing themselves but do not have to wash by hand. They just use the facilities provided in the wash hall that is open to the public 24 hours a day.