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Success Stories
A few examples of how Cale products and services have created high-value solutions.

Unattended fee systems

After successfully operating Cale parking terminals at countryside sites across Kent for many years, Kent County Council have installed MP 104 terminals at four further locations in West Kent: at the Teston Bridge Picnic Site, Manor Park Country Park, Trosley Country Park and Lullingstone Country Park facilities.

Cale alternative to honesty boxes

Previously, car parking charges were collected by an “honesty box” system, supplemented by seasonal car-park attendants during peak times. However, this was not considered satisfactory, as much revenue was thought to be lost through visitors not paying at the honesty box, and car-park attendants were tied up collecting money, as well as sometimes causing traffic congestion at the car park entrances.

Minimal queues

It was decided that the installation of parking terminals would be a much more efficient means of collecting the parking fees. Cale parking terminals are easy and quick to use for the motorist, which keeps queuing to a minimum. It was also predicted that there would be much greater compliance with visitors paying for their parking, providing important and valuable revenue to contribute towards the cost of maintaining and enhancing the facilities at the sites. As the terminals now collect the parking fees, time previously spent collecting money can now be better deployed doing other useful tasks.


Because some of the terminals would occasionally have poor exposure to sunlight, combined with very high levels of use, it was decided that the solution would be to provide terminals that could operate using solar power, but were also able to operate on mains power when necessary.

When people are not reliable, Cale terminals are

Cale terminals are also ideal for relatively remote countryside locations, as they have a proven track record of being reliable. Because Cale terminals are made of stainless steel as standard, they also retain an excellent cosmetic appearance over many years, and provide enhanced resistance to corrosion and vandalism.