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Success Stories
A few examples of how Cale products and services have created high-value solutions.

Chip and PIN solution in Camden, UK

Following a successful trial of the EMV Chip & PIN solution from Cale, the London Borough of Camden have converted a large number of their existing Cale parking terminals to accept payment by credit card.

Card payment convenient for parkers

The previous coin-only terminals were simply upgraded with an EMV Level 2 Chip & PIN reader and keypad, allowing motorists the choice of paying for their parking by VISA, MasterCard, Delta or Visa Electron, as well as using coins.

The solution is proving user-friendly for motorists, who also appreciate being able to pay for their parking more easily with a credit card compared to having to carry sufficient loose change for the relatively high parking charges in central London.

Cale was the preferred choice

Martina Lumsden, Parking Maintenance Officer at the London Borough of Camden, commented, “We found during the trial process that customers seemed to be more willing to use the Cale machines for credit card payments, in preference to the other machines we were trialling at the time.”

Cost savings

The simple path of upgrading existing coin-only-operated Cale terminals to accept payment by credit card shows Cale’s continuing commitment to offering the latest technology in the most cost-effective way possible.

The upgrade solution also offers significant cost savings to the Council and minimises environmental impact, as existing, fully functioning Cale terminals can continue to be used and do not need to be discarded and replaced with new terminals.