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Success Stories
A few examples of how Cale products and services have created high-value solutions.

City entrance parking

In November 2005, as part of moves to encourage more environmentally friendly ways of entering the city centre, Stockholm City Council began trialling a congestion charge (the Stockholmsförsöket) by automatic direct debit payment for those driving into the city centre.

A way to encourage increased use of public transport

The Council also wanted to trial a scheme where holders of the SL (Stockholm Transport) card were able to park free of charge, and tasked the parking operator, Stockholm Parkering, with organising the provision of 25 parking spaces close to public transport facilities for this purpose.

It was hoped that the city entrance control points would encourage drivers to choose more environmentally friendly ways to travel, for example leaving their car behind and using public transport to travel into the city centre.

Cale asked for solution

Stockholm Parkering asked Cale if it was possible to integrate a special card reader into the Cale payment terminals so that motorists with an SL (Stockholm Transport) card could park free of charge when they inserted a valid card into the terminal.

Cale Access, Stockholm Parkering and SL (Stockholm Transport) worked together to create a system specification. Once approved, Cale Access started the design process, and presented a prototype well ahead of the start date of the trial. The solution was a Cale MP 104 credit card terminal, with an additional card reader fitted to accept SL cards. The terminal would also be able to verify the validity of the SL card and, on insertion of a valid SL card, the motorist would receive a free parking ticket valid until the next day.

Cashless was key feature

One of the key advantages with this solution was that motorists without an SL card could still pay the relevant parking fee using coins or a credit card. The separate SL card reader ensured that the terminal would be easy to use, which, in turn, meant that very few motorists needed assistance with how to pay at the terminal.

Trial was successful

When the trial finished on 31st July 2006, it was agreed that the system functioned extremely well and was popular with motorists. Since the trial ended, all motorists now have to pay for their parking, but the Cale terminals could easily be converted back to how it was before the trial, if the Council so desires.

Stockholm Parkering proves satisfied

Claes Johnsson, Technical Manager of Stockholm Parkering, explains, “The advantages with this solution were that existing terminals could easily be modified and fitted with an additional card reader for our SL cards. This has proved to be a reliable and user-friendly solution, and the customers were satisfied, not least because of the free parking!”