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Success Stories
A few examples of how Cale products and services have created high-value solutions.

Cheaper parking for employees

Swedish authorities are closely checking the provision of free parking for employees at work, as this is a taxable benefit in Sweden.

Cale solution accepted by authorities

Cale has created a solution for employers, whereby they can allow staff to pay a reduced parking fee at a payment terminal. This is acceptable to the authorities, as it means that the parking is not considered a taxable benefit and, hence, the employer does not have to pay payroll tax for the parking space provided. Everyone agrees that it is straightforward, simple and fair that employees pay for their parking at a payment terminal when they travel to work by car.

Suitable Cale payment terminals can be used either as ordinary payment terminals or as an integrated part of an existing access-control system.

Problem with differentiated tariffs at hospital

As an employee benefit, those working at Danderyd Hospital can park for a reduced fee, by using a special identity card for employees.

As the hospital is located close to an underground station, motorists were using the parking area to park their cars before taking the underground to head into the city, leaving employees and visitors to the hospital with fewer places to park.

A solution has been to use a differentiated tariff for “normal” parkers and for employees. This led to employees providing friends with cheaper parking.

Cale's back-office system was the solution

Together with the parking operator Q-Park, the company responsible for the parking operation at Danderyd Hospital, Cale has developed a solution where employee parking is logged in the back-office system, CWO.

Special feature in CWO

A feature is used, where the parker/hospital employee can only buy one parking ticket at a reduced tariff at a time. For example, you are only allowed to buy one ticket per 24 hours or a certain number per month.

Parking permits for longer periods can also be handled.

Happy customer

The solution is appreciated, as it is possible to grant employees reduced tariffs while eliminating misuse of this benefit.