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Success Stories
A few examples of how Cale products and services have created high-value solutions.

Improved parking for residents

Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council have acquired further parking terminals to improve the availability of parking spaces for local residents. Cale was chosen because the terminals have a proven track record of security and reliability thanks to their stainless-steel construction and advanced anti-vandal features.

Improved efficiency through charged parking

Some of the terminals have been installed at new on-street locations. This is part of a strategy designed to improve the availability of parking spaces for local residents. By introducing charging on certain residential streets, on-street parking is made less attractive for occasional visitors.

Remote administration thanks to CWO

All of the Cale terminals operated by Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council are linked to a central back-office computer via the GSM network. The software allows the customer to remotely monitor and control over one hundred of the terminal’s operational functions, such as obtaining ticket vend statistics, audit and event information. The software also makes it possible to change tariffs, display text and ticket headings, as well as information regarding the days and hours when parking charges apply.

Fast attendance results in reduced downtime

In the event of a warning or alarm, the terminal will dial up and report to the central computer. A text message can then be sent to a pre-programmed mobile phone number, ensuring that a parking attendant is notified almost immediately and can attend to rectify the issue as quickly as possible. This reduces possible downtime to a minimum.

Different types of alarm can be sent to a number of pre-programmed phone numbers depending on the time of day. For example, the out-of-hours removal of a cash box could be reported to an appropriate officer. Operating data can be presented in a graphical or spreadsheet format, making it easier for the operator to search for and interpret the particular information required.

Dutch customer with specific requirements

The Dutch city of Utrecht needed to modernise its parking system, and wanted a flexible and future-proof cashless parking system capable of licence plate registration. Payment would take place using a national direct debit or credit card.

In addition, Utrecht wanted to update their offline method of managing residents’ (and visitors’) parking in the city. A system for permit handling was already in use by the city, so the city wanted to integrate this system with the parking terminals to create a seamless solution that would be easy to manage.

Online permit account was the solution

Cale and its distributor, Schmit Parkeersystemen, introduced the innovative Online Permit Account to Utrecht as a solution to the city’s requirements. By assigning an online account in CWO to each resident entitled to a parking permit, the city provides the customers with a variable number of hours of parking at a reduced tariff. Account holders can then utilise their allocated hours for parking whenever they want by using one of the on-street parking terminals.

Easy control through city division in zones

In order to ensure that residents only have access to the special residential tariff in a certain area, Cale developed a system where the terminals are divided into zones: each permit account is linked to one or more of these zones. The citizen then only gets reduced rates in specified parts of the city.

A big advantage of this solution is that, in the event that the parking right is not free, the (discounted) tariff is paid at the terminal. No invoicing is necessary and the (cashless) payments are immediately available to the city.

Convenient tool for administrators

For Utrecht, CWO has offered the city administrators a tool to manage permit accounts efficiently. The administrators can easily create, enable, disable or delete an account. Since the city already had a register of residents, a huge amount of time and effort was saved by easily importing the register to CWO.

The city also benefits from not having to deal with fake or stolen permits, since everything is managed online.